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The LATAM Desk at Ejaso ETL Global

As part of the ETL Global platform, Ejaso has an international area of influence that encompasses the world’s leading economies.

The LATAM Desk was created to satisfy a demand for our expertise and close relationships with our partners and contributors throughout Latin America. Ejaso is your best ally to assist with investments in Latin America from Europe. We also advise Latin American investors with interests in Spain, Portugal and the rest of Europe through the ETL Global network.

Ejaso LATAM Desk service portfolio

Our LATAM Desk in Madrid has a client portfolio on both sides of the Atlantic, covering all areas of law.

Advice on investments and new business opportunities

The LATAM Desk provides quality advice to small- and medium-sized businesses and start-ups in a wide array of sectors of the economy and in major transactions. The firm and its LATAM Desk are skilled at helping investors to raise public and private financing.

Financial vehicles and channels to access the main European and Latin American capital markets

Offering investors (family business services) optimal services, our LATAM DESK comprises financial advisers, real estate agents, banks and M&A companies, among others. Ejaso also has departments specialised in high-growth segments that include technology, telecommunications and energy.

Company, subsidiary and representative office formation

The first step in all foreign investments is to choose the right type of company, tax and labour schemes, making it essential to understand the legal implications in both investor and investee countries. Through its partners in Latin America and Europe, the LATAM Desk offers a bespoke service to suit customers’ needs and budget. Whether you are setting up a company or investment company or need assistance on how, where or how much to invest, the Ejaso LATAM Desk is there for you, helping with the most impactful decisions.

Mergers, acquisitions and sales

One possible strategy for entering national markets that does not entail forming a company or a financial vehicle is to acquire or merge with a local or multinational company. Our LATAM Desk works with M&A companies, auditors, accountants and financial advisers to assist in these areas. We also provide help in the bankruptcy law area. In this regard, the LATAM Desk in Madrid is staffed by highly experienced professionals who can provide the quality advice you need to find assets abroad.

We are also highly experienced in corporate, tax, labour and other areas of business law

As part of Ejaso, the LATAM Desk offers assistance in all branches of law. We are supported by all Ejaso’s lawyers and the collaboration of Global ETL. In fact, the LATAM Desk is supported by more than 500 professionals throughout Europe. Sharing the modern outlook of large practices, Ejaso has areas for industry (economic sectors) as well as traditional legal specialities. The LATAM Desk has a team professionals devoted entirely to corporate law. To assist with management personnel and expatriates, the LATAM Desk has a specific department to advise individuals on matters such as immigration and visas, as well as other relevant issues such as taxation and residency formalities among others. Lastly, the LATAM Desk has staff specialised in visas to enable individuals to work, study and reside in the United States.

Other services

  • Formation of companies, subsidiaries and representative offices.
  • Tax advice and planning.
  • Investments in different sectors.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Agency and distribution agreements.
  • Joint ventures.
  • Project financing.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
  • Real estate investments.
  • Marketing and supply agreements.
  • Labour law and expatriate management.
  • Fiscal and tax management.
  • Banking and Finance.
  • Auditing.
  • Accounting and Administrative Services.
  • Immigration to the United States and Latin America.

Why choose our LATAM Desk?

Our Madrid headquarters are staffed by a multidisciplinary team with in-depth knowledge of Latin American and European legal systems and culture, ready to assist you, not only with legal questions, but to help you maintain and build value for your company.

The LATAM Desk at Ejaso is your one-stop-shop for getting answers to legal questions and assistance and advice with all your other requirements, saving you both time and money.