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Juan Enrique Altimis Ibañes

Executive Board • Madrid

Juan Enrique Altimis Ibañes


Juan Enrique Altimis Ibañes

Executive Director. Director of the Tax Dept. Real Estate

Areas of work and specialization

Professional Experience

  • (Currently) Associate Tax Department EJASO ETL GLOBAL.
  • (2006-2017) Tax Advisor, working in the general tax area for family companies and business groups, directly managing national and international customers. In recent years, working on specific jobs in the business restructuring area, asset planning and personal succession, analysis of related-party transactions and following tax procedures.
  • (Inspection and administrative appeals). Addiens Asesores – ETL GLOBAL (office in Barcelona).
  • (2003-2004) Administration and Finance Department. Fundació Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC).
  • (1998-2001) Administration-commercial in the banking sector. Caixa d’Estalvis de Catalunya in Barcelona.

Academic background

  • (2004-2006) Studied for Public Examinations to Join the State Body of Financial Inspectors (Ministry of Economy and Public Finance).
  • Centre for Financial Studies (CFS) in Barcelona.
  • Qualified in Business Administration and Management – University of Barcelona.
  • Qualified in Law – Universitat Abat Oliva-CEU.

Complementary training

Courses and seminars at the Col·legi d’Economistes de Catalunya y el Col·legi d’Advocats, Barcelona, including Tax on Related-Party Transactions, Implementing the Spanish National Chart of Accounts, Tax on Restructuring Operations, …

Teaching experience

Teaching in the Master’s Degree in Finance at the Business School (ESERP) in Barcelona.


Best Lawyers Spain 2020.