All the tools companies need to access an efficient, bespoke compliance programme, encompassing the Criminal, Competition and Data Protection areas.

The lack of a sound corporate compliance plan can lead to regulatory sanctions, a data breach or both, and a compliance plan is essential to avoid long-term economic and legal consequences.

These programmes significantly improve business and associate management, helping to project a solvent, reliable and robust image in the market.

EJASO ETL GLOBAL has the expertise and tools you need to involve the entire company and your associates in a comprehensive criminal and competition and compliance programme, tailored to your needs and at the lowest possible cost.

Compliance programme:

  • Risk analysis.
  • Code of Ethics.
  • Compliance Body.
  • Complaints channel and investigation protocol.

Additional services

Support tools:

  • Defence protocol.
  • Delegation-of-duties system.
  • Employee training programme.
  • Regular compliance reviews.

Implementation of specific protocols:

  • Anti-corruption programme.
  • Tic Protocol.
  • Competition Protocol.
  • Criminal review of occupational hazard prevention and environmental plans.
  • Due Diligence processes.

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