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Ricardo Pérez Seoane

Lawyers • A Coruña

Ricardo Pérez Seoane

A Coruña

Ricardo Pérez Seoane

Senior Associate

Areas of work and specialization

Professional Experience

  • (April 2015-June 2018) Grupo INCOGA (Construction).
    International Human Resources Management for the company and its associates.
    Creation of a structure for different companies (Mexico, France, United Kingdom…). Integration in the company’s management committee.
    Implementation of remuneration, training, evaluation and selection policies. Expatriate worker management. Labour relations and negotiation with workers’ representatives.
  • (February 2002-January 2015) Bricoking (retail/distribution)
    As a member of the Management Committee of Bricoking, S.A. and its associate companies, I participated in the design and growth of the group (48 stores/490 workers). Shanghai regional office. Active collaboration with other European bodies.
    Culture change management, internal training, professional promotion and management, career plans, in-house prevention service, personnel management systems.
  • (February 1998-January 2001) Grupo Gonzacoca (industrial/distribution)
    Company with a history spanning more than 80 years in the metal, automobile and farm machinery distribution sector in Galicia, in deep crisis. I participated in the disinvestment process, worker relocation, outsourcing and early retirements, all in the context of extremely long-length of service and with significant union involvement.
  • (1995-1997) Hospital Cengas 1 (health)
    I am a member of the group responsible for designing and starting up the private hospital project in the town of Sierra de Outes, the seed of future hospital foundations developed by the Sergas. Negotiation and hiring healthcare professionals unused to working in the private sector.
    Negotiating and finalising collaboration agreements and arrangements with public healthcare service providers (Sergas, ISM, Mutuas,…)
  • (1993-1995) Galician Council of Labour Relations (Xunta Galicia)
    Legal adviser, helping to design and start up the Agreement for the Out-of-Court Solution of Labour Conflicts (aga) and application thereof to several collective agreements. Mandatory Reports on regional labour standards. Labour situation and collective bargaining studies in the AC environment in Galicia.
  • (1989-1990) Detect Sea Enterprises (Plymouth/Devon-UK)
    First job after finishing university. Assistant responsible for processing fishing licences for Spanish shipowners vis-a-vis the British authorities, dealing with incidents during boarding and accidents incurred by vessels operating in British waters.
  • (1992-Present Day) Practising lawyer (Bar Association No. 1,186 ICAVigo)
    As a practising lawyer working at EJASO-ETL, I have worked in an advisory, procedural and administrative capacity for several years, and in the last 15 years I have sat on the Boards of Directors of several companies. I specialise mainly in labour law, planning and managing the Human Resources department, labour relationships and I represent several companies in the judicial and administrative areas. I provide commercial advice to the organisations with which I am involved, in both corporate and contractual aspects, helping to design and execute different international operations.
    Corporate Area: Advice and decision-making in the administrative, contract, contribution areas, negotiations with public bodies, negotiation of agreements and application of multiple agreement, labour disputes, individual and collective, frequent labour and contentious administrative interventions, representation vis-a-vis public bodies (Work Inspectorate, Tax Agency, Occupational Health and Safety Organisations, Regional Work Ministries…), Negotiation and execution of Out of Court Agreements with Employees.
    Commercial Area: Advice to board of directors, Minutes and Official Books; commercial operations (merger, absorption, transformation), negotiation and drafting of commercial agreements; development model and franchise agreement.

Academic background

  • (2004-2006) Master MBA Executive ICADE-ITE.
  • (2001-2002) Master’s Degree in Occupational Risk Prevention (Safety, Hygiene and Ergonomics).
  • (1984-1989) Qualified in Law University of Santiago de Compostela.


Spanish, English, Portuguese.