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Miguel Albasanz Sendra


Miguel Albasanz Sendra

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I started my career as an in-house lawyer in the field of labour relations. I decided to work independently, working with professional practices and specialising in Labour Law on individual and collective matters. I have also been a lecturer at the School of Legal Practice and on Master’s Degrees at the Bar Association of Barcelona for years, as well as participating in seminars, speeches, debates and writing articles online and in specialised journals.

Professional career

  • (2017 – Present Day) Labour Lawyer at EJASO ETL GLOBAL.
  • (2013-2016) Labour lawyer at ESTUDIO JURIDICO EJASO – BUFETE ESTEVE.
  • (2006-2012) Lawyer at Bufete Esteve, Abogados Asociados. Labour law firm.
  • (2004-2005) Labour lawyer at Miliners Abogados y Asesores Tributarios.
  • (1995-2004) Labour lawyer at Pedro Brosa & Asociados, Barcelona.
  • (1992-1995) Muñoz y Cabrero, S.A. Human Resources Manager attached to the company’s Human Resources Department.
  • Joined the Bar Association of Barcelona in 1990.
  • (1988-1992) La Seda de Barcelona, S.A. Lawyer, providing advice in Labour Law attached to the company’s Human Resources department.

Academic achievements

  • (2006-2008), Vice-president of the Labour Law Section of the Bar Association of Barcelona.
  • (2004-2008) Member of the Labour Law Section of Bar Association of Barcelona.
  • (1983-1986) Examinations for the Judicial Career.
  • (1978 – 1996) Qualified in Law at the Autonomous University of Madrid.

Additional training

  • (1987-1988), Master’s Degree in Contract Law at the School of Legal Practice, Complutense University of Madrid.
  • Diploma in Personnel Management, School of Management and Administration of Barcelona (AES).

Teaching experience

  • Lecturer at the School of Legal Practice of the Barcelona Bar Association (2004 to Present Day).
  • Lecturer on the Master’s Degree in Labour Law, Bar Association of Barcelona (2005 to Present Day).
  • Speaker in several courses and seminars on Labour Law (ICAB, Association of Economists of Barcelona, National Labour Development, PIMEC•SEFES, APD, IIR, etc.)
  • Articles published in the newspapers “Expansión”, “Cinco Días”, “Dossier Económico”, “Emprendedores”, etc. on current labour issues.
  • (1998-1999) Author of a collection of 32 articles on labour issues published in the weekend supplement “Su dinero” (Your money) in the newspaper “El Mundo”.
  • (2003) Co-author in the book Agro-Food Law from the Brosa Business Collection, Editorial Bosch.
  • Appearances on television and radio programmes on current labour issues.


Spanish, Catalan.

Experience in social and solidarity cooperation