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Lala Caro Dugo

Lawyers • Córdoba

Lala Caro Dugo


Lala Caro Dugo


Areas of work and specialization

Professional Experience

  • University Lecturer at the University of Seville and Higher Education Course.
  • Manager of Middle Schools and Senior University Schools in Seville, Pamplona and Córdoba.
  • Joined AGUAYO ABOGADOS in July 2015.
  • Joined AGUAYO EJASO ETL GLOBAL in April 2017.

Academic background

  • Qualified in Law at the University of Seville.
  • Diploma in English Language, Institute of Languages, University of Seville.
  • Master’s Degree in Education Centres at Centro Universitario Villanueva, part of the Universidad Complutense (Madrid).
  • Master’s Degree in Initiation to the Legal Profession, University of Córdoba.
  • Master’s Degree in Matrimonial Law International University of La Rioja (UNIR)

Teaching experience

  • Associate lecturer of History of Law at the University of Seville.
  • Lecturer on Introduction to Law on Higher Education courses.


Spanish, English.

Experience in social and solidarity cooperation

Regular participant, Cooperation and Solidarity projects. Member of the Board of the PRODEAN foundation, social volunteerism projects in Andalusia and Extremadura.