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Juan Carlos Rubio Esteban

Partners • Madrid

Juan Carlos Rubio Esteban


Juan Carlos Rubio Esteban

Partner. Director of the Property, Litigation and Civil Procedural Law Department

Areas of work and specialization


  • Procedural Law.
  • Civil, commercial, property and shopping centre law.

Professional Experience

  • Advocate Partner of EJASO (May 2022 to present).
  • Founding Advocate Partner and Director of ACEBO Y RUBIO, ABOGADOS, S.L.P. (2002 - 2022).
  • Lawyer at the firm of SALA, ACEBO & BERNAL, S.C. (subsequently ACEBO & BERNAL, S.C.) (1.4.1990), becoming partner in 1994 until the closing of that Firm (November 2002).
  • Commercial and financial expert at FINAMERSA ENTIDAD DE FINANCIACIÓN, S.A. and later, following its corporate restructuring, at CORPORACIÓN FINANCIERA HISPAMER (1987 - 1990), specialising in leasing transactions.
  • Specialist for over thirty years without interruption in the Commercial Centre and Retail Park sector. He has provided legal advisory services for court and out-of-court proceedings for more than 150 Commercial Centres and Retail Parks, with emphasis on urban leases and commonhold, the setting up of ownership regimes for such property complexes, leases, administrative concessions, etc.

Academic background

  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (1982 - 1987).
  • Membership of the Madrid Bar Association (July 1987).

Complementary training

  • Course on Corporate Legal Counselling at the School of Legal Practice in Madrid (1989 - 1990).

Teaching experience

  • During his professional lifetime he has delivered a wide range of seminars and legal training courses, in particular in the fields of urban leasing and commonhold, as well as on asset and property management and the sales of business premises for companies owning and managing Shopping Centres.


  • English


  • Spanish Association of Shopping Centres and Retail Parks.
  • Friends of the Prado Museum Foundation.