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José Ignacio Saldarriaga Alonso

Partners • Madrid

José Ignacio Saldarriaga Alonso


José Ignacio Saldarriaga Alonso

Partner. Commercial, Corporate, M&A and Venture Capital

Areas of work and specialization

Professional Experience

  • José Ignacio is a lawyer in the Commercial Law Department at the Madrid headquarters. He joined the firm in 2011.
  • He is currently the firm’s senior commercial lawyer.
  • He specialises in start-ups and is head of the eSports area AT Ejaso ETL Global.

Academic background

  • Qualified in Law at the University of Navarre (2020), Diploma in Foral Law, University of Navarre (2010).
  • University Master’s Degree in Business Law, Universidad Antonio de Nebrija and Award for the Best Academic Record (2010-2011) on the University Master’s Degree at the Universidad Antonio de Nebrija and award for the best Academic Record (2010-2011) of the Master’s Degree Programme, Universidad Antonio de Nebrija.

Complementary training

  • (2017) Effective drafting of Contractual Guarantees – International Faculty for Executives (IFAES).
  • (2016) Finance for non-financiers – Fundación de Estudios Financieros (FEF).
  • (2015) Changes to Equity Capital Companies. Corporate reorganisation. Bar Association of Madrid (ICAM).

Teaching experience

  • (2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018) Business Incubator Network, Madrid City Council, on Shareholders’ Agreement.
  • (2018) Explorer “Young people with ideas” (formerly YUZZ) on Legal Entrepreneurship.
  • (2018) Torrejón de Ardoz City Council (“Torrejón Emprende”) on Shareholders’ Agreement.
  • Author of numerous legal articles and media appearance.


Spanish, English, French

Experience in social and solidarity cooperation

  • OXFAM Trailwalker – 100 KM solidarity walk against poverty.
  • Legal training in entrepreneurship at City Councils in the Community of Madrid.