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Carlos Rodríguez Vallecillo


Carlos Rodríguez Vallecillo

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Professional career

  • (2011-Present Day) Arbiter of the Court of Justice of Public Procurement (European Association of Arbitration).
  • State Lawyer on leave. Professional associate. Manager of the Public Law Department.
  • (Since 2017) Lawyer – Associate – Estudio Jurídico Ejaso-ETL Global.
  • (Since 2009) Lawyer – Associate – Aguayo Abogados.
  • (2006-2009) Chief State Lawyer in Córdoba.
  • (2004-2006) Assistant State Lawyer in Córdoba.
  • (2002-2004) State Lawyer at the High Court of Justice of Madrid.
  • (2002-2004) State Lawyer in Ciudad Real.
  • (2002) Civil-service lawyer (Cuerpo de Abogados del Estado).

Academic achievements

  • (1991 – 1996) Qualified in Law at the Complutense University of Madrid.
  • (1991-1997) Specialised in Community law at CEU San Pablo University.

Teaching experience

(Since 2015) Lecturer on Master’s Degree in Business Law Expert ( Córdoba Bar Association School of Legal Practice/University of Córdoba (UCO)). Regular contributor to training courses and congresses for civil servants, practising lawyers and other professionals organised by different institutions (Bar Association of Madrid (ICAM); Lecturer National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA); State Tax Administration Agency (AEAT); General Council of Spanish Lawyers (AGE); Bar Association of Córdoba; Directorate of Legal Services of the Administration of the Social Security; CHAMBER OF COMMERCE OF CÓRDOBA; Association of Pharmacists of Córdoba).


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