eSports & Entertainment

Unidad Especializada

EJASO ETL GLOBAL has a multidisciplinary department specialising in the eSports sector, comprised of a team of lawyers with expertise in the several branches of Law – labour, commercial, tax, new technologies and intellectual property, who understand all the specific issues pertaining to the industry.

They provide all types of legal services to eSports professionals in different aspects of professional relationships, as well as fiscal and accounting.

  • Labour services, player recruitment, club and association staff contracts, payroll management and procedures with the social security, legal advice on individual and collective matters, etc.
  • Corporate and commercial law services: incorporation of clubs and other companies, contracts with suppliers and professionals, corporate agreements, sponsorships, confidentiality and collaboration agreements, etc.
  • Intellectual property and new technologies: advice on use and disclosure of video games, image rights, data protection, hosting and housing technology agreements, outsourcing systems and processes, business process outsourcing (BPO), Software as a Service, etc.
  • Taxation and accounting services: tax returns, corporate restructuring, international taxation, management and processing of corporate accounts, tax formalities, etc.